Monday, July 4, 2016

Talofa Lava!

Hey You guys! Happy 4th of July! Hope you all have a great one! Be
safe while you celebrate with all those fire works!

We got a new mission president this week! It's sad to see President
Francis go home, but at the same time, I am so excited to meet and get
to work with President Evans. He is from Idaho and has left behind his
job, uprooted his family from school and everything to come serve full
time for 3 years! Lots of sacrifice but sometimes that's what the Lord
asks of us.

This week was great. We saw a lot of miracles in our district. Lots of
people are interested in learning about the gospel. And we are anxious
and ready to teach them! This week I also got to go on two exchanges.
Exchanges are where missionary leaders switch companions with other
missionaries to do some training and help them wherever they need it.
So, I first went on exchanges with Elder Marks (one of the
missionaries in my district). That was good. I was able to talk to him
about some things that he needed help with. Then, I went on exchanges
with the zone leaders. Elder Ahola (from Finland) went with my
companion Elder Fielding in our area. I went to the zone leaders' area
which is Lancaster with...*drumroll please*...ELDER RUSHTON!!! It was
great being with him again. For those of you who don't remember him,
he was my first companion here in the mission field! Super sweet. We
had a great time together and he gave me some good advice. We taught a
lady who had a baptismal date but had dropped them. We finally got to
meet with her after a long time of her not wanting to talk to
missionaries. We took a recent convert who turns out to be friends
with her! The lesson was great! We talked with her about where she is
at in the conversion process and things like how her relationship is
with our Heavenly Father. It was great having Greg (the recent
convert) there with us. She really listened to him because she knows
him and where he has been in his life. Now, he holds the Aaronic
Priesthood and holds the office of a Priest. She was shocked when he
said he was a Priest. She said, "REALLY?!?!" To which he replied, "I
know right? That's what I said!" He is so funny. We had a great lesson
with her and she said she would like to start meeting with us again!
Well...not "us"...but Elder Rushton and Elder Ahola. But still! She's
got lots of potential.

The weather was perfect this week. Although it has been starting to
warm up lately, it's been a pretty nice week as far as weather goes.

The work has been moving along nicely. We have been finding more and
more people to teach and help them along the journey of conversion.
While I was on exchanges with Elder Marks this week, we taught a guy
named Robert "Frenchy" Segool. He is a Vietnam veteran and was very
impressed that we go around knocking on doors at our age. He said that
if he were at our age, he would be chasin girls haha. But we taught
him about the Restoration. He came to church yesterday! He is so
awesome. It was fast and testimony meeting and all 4 of us
missionaries got up and bore our testimonies. During the meeting,
Robert leaned over to Elder Marks and asked him, "how do I join your
church?" He has real intent! I am so excited for him.

The Hill Cummorah Pageant is coming up this weekend and next week. It
is a huge outdoor production that seats 9,000 people every night!
Basically what it is is a play about different stories in the Book of
Mormon. I have only hear good things about it. We are going to take
some investigators and a less active member there. I'm so excited!

Anyways, that's what's going on over here...hope all is well where you
are. Thanks for everything you do! I love you all so much! Have a good
holiday and a great week!

Tofa Soifua!

Elder Peters

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