Friday, November 13, 2015

Hey you there! 

Greeting from the MTC! I absolutely love it here! My district is like my new family. we all look out for eachother and always are together its so wonderful. 

This week flew by! I had in-field orientation yesterday and it was 9 hours long!!! but i lasted and here i am emailing you! 

It snowed this week for like three days but none of it stuck. its just been really cold but i kinda like it. 

On sunday, the sisters, elder matos and i persuaded our district to do the MTC choir for the tuesday devotional! so we went to practice on sunday and then we performed on tuesday. we sang Nearer My God to Thee and boy was it powerful! we sang so powerfully. 

elder Hugo Montoya from the first quorum of the seventy spoke and it was such a cool experience. even though all my comps and i were telling everyone that it was gonna be Elder Holland haha. 

This week was so awesome there is so much to tell you but not enough time haha. I met with one of our investigators from the TRC. The first time we met with her, she told us how "cruel" God was to her and went off on how He has never been there no matter what we said. So, i guess you could say that my comps and i were pretty sad. but the next day during class, i was prompted to share Job 19 with her and talk about how much trial and tribulation that he endured and always testified of the Savior. But, she took it a whole different direction. She noticed that God had "trusted" Job to be tempted and that changed her perspective on God. It truly was a miracle and its hard to tell the experience in an email. 

Anyways, I fly to NY on Monday morning! Wish me luck! and thank you for all the emails, love and support! Harrah for Israel!

Love you all!

Elder Peters
​Hey you guys!

Can I just start by saying that I dont want to go home! This is such an amazing experience being here at the MTC with all of the hundreds of other missionaries. The Spirit is so strong. 

My companions are sweet! Yes I said companions with an s. Both of them are ballers which is awesome cuz we kind of made a quick connection through basketball and sports. Okay so the first comp I met was Elder Brown. He is 18 and from Salt Lake City and is sadly a Ute fan. Thats basically the only thing we disagree on is when i say that BYU is better than Utah. Next, is Elder Matos. He is 19 and from Montreal in Canada! I love my comps and they strengthen me. We just got called as the new Zone Leaders for Branch 3! which is kind of overwhelming but i know we can do it (check out Phillipians 4:13). My Branch Pres is totally awesome. He is way energetic and basically has the whole BoM memorized. 

Okay so my district is pictured here. Starting from the left to the right, we have Elder Woolf (our District Leader) from Orem, Utah, Elder Packer from West Bountiful, Utah, Me, Elder Matos, Elder Brown, Sister Kwasney from Alberta, Canada (she is a hooper by the way), and Sister Thorson from Riverdale or Riverton?, Utah. We are all super close like a family and ive only been here for a couple days! 

I am learning so much so fast! The Spirit truly is the best teacher. 

Ive given two blessings so far and have been part of 3! The unity that is found here is so special. We are all set apart for one purpose. To help others to come unto Christ. As we prepare, we are blessed to know by the Spirit what our investigators need to know.

Cool story. So on my first day here, we went to these classes where there was an investigator and they told us a little about themselves and then we tried to find ways to share the gospel so that it would touch their hearts. One meeting with a Japanese man named Junichi who believed in the Shinto religion and was trying to understand about God and why we were put here on earth, I felt prompted to sing I am A Child of God. so, i raised my hand and shared the song with him and he asked if i was going to sing it for him! in a panic, not wanting to share these wonderful vocals in front of 50-60 elders and sisters, I said no! but im sure all of these missionaries would like to sing it with me. so everyone laughed and i counted to three and we all began to sing it. The Spirit entered the room and we all sang with voices of angels. it was amazing. 

Well thats it for now, Ill talk to you all soon! Thanks for all the love and support! 

I love and miss you all!

Elder Peters

Oh! and P.S. Mom! I saw Sister Underly today! She was telling her comp all about how shes known me since i was 5 it was fun. okay! see ya!
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