Monday, November 7, 2016

Splittin' Wood and Sippin' Cider

Hey You Guys! 

Wow. It's November. I have officially been out for a whole year! I think this experience beats scout camp just a little in the longest amount of time I've been away from home. Although, I am beginning to feel as if this is home now. New York is awesome. Especially western New York! I love the people here, I love the weather, the trees, the lakes, and so much more! It's a great place. 

This week was great! We had a lot of spiritual experiences that I really grew from. Things are great here. The Lord has blessed me with so many things that I will always be grateful for. God is so good.

This week Elder Broadhead and I drove up to Pittsford for MLC or Mission Leadership Council. Basically, all the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and President Evans and his assistants all got together and discussed how we can better help the mission be more successful. President gave us a couple trainings. He is such a stud. He is awesome! He taught us about obedience and if we as leaders are exactly obedient, we can help the culture of the mission to be more obedient. Which will then bring about much more success in the mission because the Lord will bless us more. MLC was a blast. 

We have been doing a lot of going around in our area trying to figure out who is who since we are both new to this area. We visited a lady in a senior home named Sister Delair. We played skip bo (a card game) with her. And man was that her jam. She loves that game! Her and her friends play a lot. We were playing and either I or Elder Broadhead would make a good move or ruin her plans for the game and she gave us the coldest old lady stare down haha. It was so funny cuz she is the nicest old lady but you just gotta let her win haha. 

Elder Broadhead and i went down to Hornell which is an hour and a half drive south (our zone is the biggest zone area wise) to give a training at their district meeting. I got to see Elder Gardner! It was a fun reunion and it was a blast getting to spend time with the missionaries here. I loved so much to hear their testimonies and the inspired work that they are doing in their respective areas. Elder Broadhead and i gave a training on love. We taught about how we should love those that we serve because they arent going to care how much we know until they know how much we care. It was a good time. 

Saturday morning we went and helped a bunch of the men in the ward split some wood. They were on the older end of the age spectrum. Elder Broadhead and i were doing a lot of the lifting and moving and such. Sister Wheeler made us some good "hot mold(?) cider" that was almost like apple cider it was yummy. The next day during fast and testimony meeting we got a lot of shoutouts from the old guys, "and thank goodness for the elders! They were lifting some pieces of wood that hurt my back just watchin them!" Haha it was a good time. I love serving others. 

Yesterday was awesome. At MLC on Friday, President Evans challenged us to prepare a question to be answered as we attended Sacrament Meeting. So i did and i received many answers to my question! It was awesome! So that is my challenge for you guys this week. Write down a question that you have had on your heart and ask the Lord to answer it. Because i know He will as we study our scriptures and pray and serve others and attend church. 

I love you all! I hope you have a great week! You all really are in my prayers and my heart. Have a great week and i will talk to you soon! 

Elder Peters