Monday, January 25, 2016

Hey you guys! How goes it?

Things are going well here. There is a lot of snow on the sidewalks
and on the roads. But that's how it's gonna be for a couple more
months! I've gotten a couple emails from some people asking if I'm
okay because they saw a bunch of bad weather on the weather in New
York. We are fine! That's New York City that is struggling with all
that haha. New York City isn't in our mission haha. Anyways, we walked
around a lot at the beginning of the week Tracting and street
contacting. But when we realized that it was too cold and no one was
out walking around like we were, we decided to drive places rather
than trudge through the snow all day. Driving was fun. I am still
getting used to driving in the snow haha. My companion is from Utah
and sometimes gets a little antsy when I take a turn too fast or
something. But hey. I'm learning :)

The work here is going well. We taught a couple investigators this
week and a lot of less active members. The lessons all went well. The
people we teach are coming closer to Christ and it's a wonderful thing
to see. I love being a missionary and devoting all of my time and
efforts to help other people. It's such a blessing.

Transfers are coming up and Elder Rushton and I are weirded out about
how fast time flies when your on a mission. These 2 years really will
be quick! But in my district it's me and my companion and the zone
leaders (Elders Scott and Gibby). Elder Scott is going home in like 12
days and Elder Rushton is probably getting transferred. It's crazy to
think that Elder Gibby and I (the newest guys in the area) are gonna
be taking over this area soon. We will know the area better than our
new comps will. It's weird to think about. I'm excited and nervous all
at the same time. But I know the Lord will provide and He will guide

This week I've been thinking a lot about faith. Faith is awesome.
Faith is an action word. You can't have faith without acting upon your
beliefs. In my personal study this week, I studied out of the Book of
Mormon in the Book of Alma. In Alma chapters 14 and 15 there are two
guys named Alma and Amulek. They go around teaching the people about
Christ and about the redemption which he would make for his people.
When they taught, some believed and most did not. Anyone who believed
was persecuted, hurt, and even killed! Alma and Amulek were put in
prison, mocked, spit upon, and much more. The whole time they were
being treated poorly, they believed in God. They believed that he had
a plan for them. One day when the wicked people came to mock them and
hurt them again, Alma was prompted to stand and they had the power to
break the chords with which they were bound and the wicked people ran
away because they were scared. The prison crumbled to the earth  and
smashed all of them. All of them except for Alma and Amulek. Alma and
Amulek were protected because they believed in God and knew that He
would deliver them. How many times in our lives do we struggle to see
beyond the wicked and understand that God has a plan for us? It's hard
to do. But I know that as we try to keep an eternal perspective and
trust in God and lean not unto our own understandings (Proverbs
3:5-6), we will be blessed. Faith is so vital in our lives. Blessings
come AFTER the trial of your faith. Remember that.

Anyways, that's it for this week! Thank you for all your prayers and
love and support! I wouldn't be able to be out here if it wasn't for
you guys and my Savior! You guys are the best! Thanks again! Until
next week.

Tofa Soifua!

Elder Peters

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Talofa lava!

How are you all doing? How was your week? I hope you had a great one!
I know there is a lot of sadness in Seattle right now because of the
Seahawks' loss yesterday. I didn't watch it but there are a lot of
Panthers fans here in Batavia for some reason. All the old guys were
walking up to me in church "offering their condolences". What? I can't
even watch the game and you're gonna make me talk smack?! It was fun.
I wore my Seahawks jersey during studies. My comp was making fun of
me. But I didn't care #HawkNation. But it's all good. Maybe I just
need to be home before the Lord blesses us with another Super Bowl ;)

It snowed a lot this week! Pretty much all week there were snowflakes
falling. Even when it was warmer than usual out, there were still a
couple of flurries. Early in the week, we were in the library looking
up service opportunities and it was snowing so hard that I couldn't
even look up when we were outside. It was nuts! The librarian kept
telling everyone, "they call this thundersnow." It was wild. But due
to the snow, there were a lot of service opportunities. We threw our
snow shovels in the back of the truck and shoveled a couple people's
driveways. It was cool. Last night it snowed and we currently have a
couple inches on the ground. The wind still cuts you like a knife and
chills you to the bone. It's beyond cold out there and it's gonna keep
getting colder.

This week it was hard not to get discouraged. The people we get to
visit are usually not there or cancel on us. It's rough. We taught a
guy this week who is super well versed in the Bible and he talks a
mile a minute but it's going well. He is studying the Book of Mormon
and is super interested in it.

It's hard to see any progress up here. But this week our prayers were
answered because George (the less active guy we have been teaching)
has been having us over to teach him and to help him with overcoming
his addiction. He's a great guy. But was cool and what answered our
prayers was what he said at the end. He was talking about how he is
going to be interviewed soon for the Aaronic Priesthood and how he has
his eyes set on the Temple because he is working hard on his family
history and he wants to take his family names to the Temple. But
anyways, he told us that we should be happy because we have been able
to help him with his struggles and that is success even though we
aren't baptizing. He is progressing and he is thankful for that.

Well, thanks for everything you guys! I hope all is well! Until next time!

Tofa soifua

Elder Peters

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Hey you guys!

How are you? How was your week? This week we saw a lot of success!
It's been a lot of work but I'm glad we are getting to teach a lot
more now.

This week I got to speak in Sacrament Meeting! It was my first talk on
my mission and Elder Scott's last talk on his mission! We both spoke
on the Holy Ghost. He spoke first and I was the concluding speaker.
That was a first. I was so nervous holy smokes. But when I got up
there, I was totally calm. I spoke and shared some cool experiences
that I have had with feeling the Spirit in my life and shared a couple
scriptures and before I knew it, I had spoken for 20 minutes! I had to
wrap up my talk before I had shared everything that I had prepared!
Pretty cool. And everyone loves saying "Talofa" when I get up to

The weather here is getting colder and colder. This morning it was -3
with windchill! So stinking cold. My companion and I and the zone
leaders skate to our cars. It's pretty fun.... Unless you fall of
course. It is supposed to snow quite a bit this week. So hopefully
there are lots of opportunities for service. We got to serve a lot
this week just like last week. The guy that had us helping him paint
last week had us over again and we did a lot. I learned how to install
a fridge and the water/ice maker and a stove! It's cool cuz I got to
serve while learning things that I can and will use in the future.

Three years ago, the 10th of January (yesterday), I lost my mentor, my
best friend, my Grandpa. He was such a great example of a true
follower of Christ. He showed everyone he met Christlike love and
served them the best he could. I know this is where he would want me
to be. He was the best Grandpa anyone could ever ask for. He raised
his family in a righteous home and always made sure that his kids
walked in righteousness. He sacrificed so much all the time for the
ones he loved and that's what I want to do. Thanks Grandpa. I love you

There are some crazy things going on in the world right now. I just
heard that on New Years Eve there was a terrorist threat that was
stopped in Rochester! Just 20 miles away from Batavia! That's nuts!
But I know that the Lord will protect me. He always has, always will.

I have been reading in Mosiah lately (a book in the Book of Mormon). I
love how they plead with the Lord to protect them and ease their
burdens. The Lord helps them out according to their faith. That can be
applied to all of our lives. No matter where we are, we are always
going to have some kind of trial. But, with the help of the Lord, we
can see that those trials are given to us to help us grow and become
more like our Father in Heaven. We can also see His hand in our lives
everyday helping us and lifting us up.

I hope all is well back home. I love you all so much!

Elder Preston Peters

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Hey you guys!

How are you? I hope all of you are doing well. This week was fun!

We worked a lot and it snowed a lot. It looked like a blizzard outside
during our studies! It's so stinking cold here. It doesn't matter how
many layers I have on it seems like I can't ever get warm. It's super
cold. We went to an investigators house for New Years and that was
fun. But we had to go at 8 and we went to the zone leaders house to
have pina coladas and play games. but we were still in bed at 10:30. I
didn't even stay up to see the fireworks or anything. I was super

Elder Rushton got sick this week. He was throwing up and everything.
It was rough. But I helped him out. We went and got a Gatorade and he
felt better after. Then, the next day he felt a lot better!

We painted a house this week. We spent a lot of time doing service
this week. We helped paint, wash walls, move dry wall, replace
Windows, etc. we were super tired after. But it was all good cuz they
had country music playing and there was this guy that offered to take
us out to burgers next weekend! So there's that!

Yesterday we got to teach gospel doctrine. The lesson went real well.
We didn't have to teach till the end. We challenged everyone there to
take a Book of Mormon and pass it out during the week. They were
pretty enthusiastic about it too! So we will see how it goes. We are
working a lot with the members right now. The stake president told
them that his vision is for the missionaries to not have to tract
anymore! So they would be doing all the missionary work and we would
be there basically to teach. So sweet. But it's gonna take a lot of
work to get there but we can do all things through Christ who
strengthens us.

Today is zone p day so sorry my email is all over the place. We've
been ballin and ballin and ballin some more. Super fun. But now I am
out of time :( so I'll talk to you all next week! I'll be better next
week I promise!

Love you guys.

Elder Peters

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