Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Hey Everyone!

This week was great! We did a lot of teaching and a lot of service and
the usual mission stuff. Not to sound boring or anything. Cuz it's
been a blast! Missions are the best.

Today is kinda crazy because President Francis' farewell is today.
It's been crazy and there has been a lot of things going on. So I will
have to keep this email pretty short. Sorry for that.

This week we saw a lot of cool things happen. The Lord directed us to
do some really cool things this week. One day we were planning on
going to a town called East Aurora to do some service for one of our
investigators. For some reason before we left, I felt like we needed
to bring our white shirts and ties. So we went in our service clothes
and brought our proselyting clothes. When we pulled in to East Aurora,
we saw tons of people walking around! It was totally unexpected. So,
we changed real quick and hopped out and talked to a bunch of people.
It was sweet. We just had a hunch that we should bring our white shirt
and ties and it the Lord blessed us for doing so. It was sweet.

We are working hard and trying to find people to teach. Hopefully we
will find someone soon. Keep us in your prayers! Love you all! Have a
great week. Talk to you soon.

Elder Peters

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