Monday, July 18, 2016

Hey You Guys!

How goes it? Things are going well here. Elder Fielding and I have a
new companion Elder Marks! He is in our district. His companion Elder
Daugs finished his mission this week and his parents came and picked
him up and went to the Hill Cummorah Pageant! Super cool. So Elder
Marks is with us now and we are covering two areas until the end of
the transfer (around August 1st). It's been interesting being in a
tri-panionship (that's what i like to call it). I haven't been on a
trio since the MTC! (8 almost 9 months ago!)  Shoutout to Elder Matos
and Elder Brown (serving in the Seattle Mission). But it's good. We
have and will continue to spread the gospel and help others where we
can. That's our job! We do that by inviting others to come unto

We had some awesome experiences this week. On Wednesday, we were doing
some service at a park in West Seneca called Burchfield Nature Park.
It is such a nice park. The lady that volunteers there was telling us
what she needed us to do when she told us to look and see how many
people are walking around with their phones. I didn't think much of it
until she pointed out what they were doing. She said they were playing
a new game called Pokemon Go! It was unreal how many people were
walking around totally oblivious to their surroundings. I caught this
guy off guard by asking if he was playing Pokemon Go. He looked up at
me startled and then jumped right in to what he was doing, "yeah dude.
I just caught a Pikachu! There's another one around here somewhere." I
had to try not to laugh haha. But anyways, that's not the experience I
wanted to talk about. As we were leaving the park, we were going to go
get some lunch. I saw a guy walking through the parking lot. Being a
missionary, I waved at him and I got the warmest/happiest wave back.
Before we left the parking lot, I told Elder Fielding to turn around.
We had to talk to that guy. Elder Fielding didn't even see the guy but
he turned around. I hopped out of the car once we parked and I took
off down the trail that I saw this guy go down. He only had one arm
and was struggling to put something in his pocket. I said, "excuse me
sir" he turned around and happy as can be, he said, "hey! How are
you?" His name was Melvin. We talked to him for a little while and he
told us that he is a long time choir member of his church. He has
recently been through a lot of health problems. But the coolest thing
he told us was, "today i told myself that I was going to go walk in
the park and talk with the Lord. And look. You guys came along! I'm so
happy that we are getting to talk right now!" He was one of the
happiest men I have ever met! He told us that he would love it if we
would stop by and talk. Such a cool experience. He is awesome. Here
I'll attach a picture of him to the end of this email.

This week one of the people we met on the street one time pulled over
next to where we were walking. She rolled her window down and asked
for our help with Orchard Park Historical Society Yard Sale. We
offered our help to her earlier when we had run in to her on the
sidewalk. So she was asking us for help now. Helping the Historical
Society was so fun. We got to meet all the legends of Orchard Park.
They loved us. The all were pretty old so they didn't feel comfortable
calling us Elders. It was weird hearing my first name so much haha.
But they were so grateful for our help.

This week I finished the Book of Mormon twice! I finished the two
different readings that I had going on. It was sweet. I love it. The
Book of Mormon is so true. There is too much good, light, and
knowledge in it to be false. "When you feel good, you feel God." Word
to Sister Fisher and Sister Argyle (best seminary teachers ever). The
Book of Mormon is good. The Book of Mormon is of God. If you haven't
had the chance to read it yet, I would encourage you with all my heart
to read it. It will only help you in the challenges that life throws
at you.

I love you guys! I'm praying for you! I hope you all have a great
week! Thanks for everything that have done for me! I will talk to you
next week!

Elder Peters

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