Monday, July 11, 2016

Hey Everyone!

How goes it? This week was awesome! The Fourth of July was awesome. We
got to see some sweet fireworks in Orchard Park.

This week we got to meet our new mission president. President Evans is
from Middleton?, Idaho (Boise area I think). He and his family are
super cool! I'm excited to serve with him here in the mission field.

On Saturday we went to the Hill Cummorah Pageant with a less-active
member named Sister Plummer! We went to the Sacred Grove before! (The
Sacred Grove is where Our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ
appeared to Joseph Smith and answered his prayer.) She really had a
good time there.

Then, we went to the Hill Cummorah Pageant. Now keep in mind, this
thing is no small production. It has around 800 cast members and
seating for 9,000 everyday there is a show! So there are lots of
people there. I got to see a lot of people that I hadn't seen in a
while like Elder Stokes, George Schmidt, a few other people from
Batavia, and even a family that Elder Rushton and I found in Batavia!
It was so awesome. I would definitely recommend checking it out in the
future! The special effects are something else. Such a cool show.

Anyways, my week was good. We taught a guy named Dave Newman a couple
times and he is really trying to feel the Holy Ghost in his life. We
kept giving him things to do to where he can feel the Holy Ghost, but
he would make up excuses the next time we meet as to why he couldn't
do it. So, this week, I asked him if he would just pray everyday and
establish that connection with our Heavenly Father. He said that that
was something he could do! We bore testimony on it and the Spirit was
really there. He kinda lost it cuz he's kind of a gabber. He is a bee
keeper and if you get him talking about his bees, he won't stop haha.

This week Elder Daugs is finishing his mission and his parents are
coming to pick him up on the last day of Pageant! Since it's the
middle of the transfer, his companion Elder Marks will be joining me
and Elder Fielding in a trio for the next 3 weeks. But it'll be cool.

But yeah! That was my week! We are seeing lots of miracles everyday! I
hope you all had a great week. Thanks for all the love and support. I
love you all and hope to talk to you soon.

Elder Peters

P.s. Shoutout to Justin Shanklin! He returned with honor this week!
Good work man! Love you! #ReturnWithHonor

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