Monday, May 23, 2016

If you don't know, now ya know😎

What's up y'all?

This week was awesome! We had a lot of teaching appointments fall
through, but every week is awesome when you're a missionary!

The ward here is so sweet. There were a lot of people at church on
Sunday and they were all very welcoming (this was my first week
getting to meet the ward because last week was Stake Conference). It's
awesome. They are very involved in missionary work.

I had a bunch of spiritual experiences this week. But I would like to
share just a couple with you. The first one happened as follows:
We taught the Achievement Day Girls (8-11?) about the Word of Wisdom
(a health code from our Heavenly Father that our church follows).
Afterward, we had planned to go visit some people. We didn't really
feel 100% sure that that was what we should do with our time. So, I
suggested that we pray for guidance. We did, and we were prompted to
go visit a less active member. This member has been hard to get ahold
of for the longest time. We went and when we got there, we saw a guy
working on his car in the parking lot. We talked with him for a little
bit and then went up and knocked on her door. She answered! She told
us that she was getting ready to move so we were able to offer service
there. She also told us that her boyfriend was out working on the car.
She said, "he doesn't know this yet but he's gonna be Mormon." Haha so
we went down and started talking to him again. It was a cool
experience. It's cool to see that the Lord truly does guide His
servants and lead them to where they need to go.

Another experience I had this week came as we were contacting in East
Aurora. In the neighborhood we were in, there was a lady who Elder
Fielding knew that wasn't very interested. We thought it wouldn't be
very productive to go and knock on her door, but we did because we
felt like we needed to. Christine answered the door and was excited to
see us! We talked for a while, introduced myself, and then I felt
prompted to offer service. She had mentioned that she had just been
working in her yard. When i offered that, she got really happy and
said, "yes!" She then went on about how she had been struggling to
find help. She is friends with a member so we later found out that she
had prayed just before we came for help with her yard. And then we
showed up! It was cool to see/be able to be an answer to her prayer.
Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways for the happiness of His

As missionaries, we teach the importance of The Book of Mormon as
another witness and testament of Jesus Christ. The Bible and The Book
of Mormon go hand in hand when testifying that Jesus is the Christ.
God loves and knows each and every one of us. He has given us this
great book to study. When we study, we receive spiritual guidance and
can feel the love of the Savior more and more. I can keep going on and
on about how The Book of Mormon helps me and how it is true and how I
know that it testifies of Christ. But, as for yourself, no matter how
hard I study, YOU won't know of the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon
until YOU read it and go to the only source of truth. Our Father in
Heaven (through prayer). So, my challenge for you this week is to read
from The Book of Mormon (no matter how many times you have previously
read it), and to pray and ask God if it is true. I can testify that it
is. God has given it to us for this day and age. It can only help.

This week was awesome. I love being a missionary. Thanks so much for
your prayers and love and support. You all are the best and I love you
so much! Have a great week!

Elder Preston Peters

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