Monday, June 6, 2016

Hey You Guys!

How was your week? I hope you had a good one! I miss you all!

Sorry I didn't send an email last week...I went to send it and i
accidentally deleted it.

This week was awesome! We taught a lot of people and found a couple
new people to teach! It's awesome to see the Lords hand in our lives
every day. Because He truly does bless us everyday.

We had zone meeting this week. The zone leaders have implemented a
plan that will "raise the bar" for our missionary work this month.
It'll be good because we are getting a new mission president in July!
Their plan is called June Jubilee. All the districts are kinda
competing to "raise the bar" as a zone. It's great. My district is
doing well. We are rocking.

We taught a lot this week! It's been great. We really are working
hard. The Lord is blessing us for our efforts. We were street
contacting one night when we saw a little old lady in her lawn trying
to trim her bushes. We crossed the street and asked if she needed any
help. She told us no thank you and we continued to talk to her. She
thought it was cool that we offer service and that we want to help the
community. "So, if I break my leg, I can call you and you would come
and take my trash out to the curb?" We said of course! She was touched
by that. Then, she asked us what we knew about the election. We told
her that we don't know much because we are missionaries and we don't
watch tv or listen to the radio (which is fine by me) to keep our
minds focused on the work. Then, she got mad at us! She told us to
leave! Then, I tried to say everything that I had heard through the
grape vine about the election and then she was nicer haha. That was
pretty funny though haha. She was messing with us. Elder Fielding got
kinda sad and scared when she started telling us all that stuff haha.
It was fun.

This week we have been doing a Book of Mormon challenge. President
Francis came to our zone two weeks ago for zone conference. He started
the challenge then. Basically, we read around 15 pages a day and we
will finish in 34 days! We have a reading schedule and we are all
reading together it's super sweet! I'm loving it. THE BOOK OF MORMON

Anyways, thanks for all that you do, you guys. You're the best. Thanks
for your prayers and your love and your support. Have a great week! I
love you all!

Elder Peters

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