Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Talons from Orchard Park!! 💦❄️☀️

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a great week! Shoutout to Grandma Fagan for her
birthday on Friday! Love you Grandma!

I'm loving Orchard Park! It is such a sweet place! Elder Fielding is
such a sweet companion! He's awesome. The members here are awesome. I
know a guy who might give us a tour of the Bills stadium on P-Day
sometime! I told him I would wear my Seahawks jersey in there and he
said good luck haha.

This weekend we had stake conference and the missionaries sang in a
missionary choir! It was awesome. We sang called to serve and the EFY
medley. It was awesome.

This week we had some awesome lessons. I'm still trying to get to know
everyone and the area and stuff but we were able to help a lot more
people come closer to Christ this week.

We taught a guy named Tristan and he is progressing pretty well. He
likes meeting with us and when we met with him this week, he was very
insightful in answering the questions we asked him. I was like, "YEAH!
You're right!" It was cool.

Anyways, this week was the best except for the fact that it snowed
yesterday. Yes. It snowed in May. I hope you all have a great week.
You're the best. Thanks for your prayers and support. I love you all!
Talk to you soon.

Elder Peters

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