Monday, March 7, 2016

Hey you guys!

How was everyone else's week? I heard my Mom and Jake got in an
accident this week! Cmon guys! I know I made it through one but you
can't always do what Presto Da Besto does haha. You gotta take care of
yourselves while I'm gone!  Mine week was great! We were so busy and
got a lot accomplished. Talked to lots of people and got yelled at a
couple times but hey. It's all for a good cause #PersecutedForTheLord

This week we had stake conference which is where all of the smaller
congregations (wards and branches) come together to hear from the
stake presidency. For those of you who don't know, Federal Way has its
own stake. There are lots of wards in the surrounding areas. Lots of
opportunities for you all to go to church back home. Just sayin 😇 but
anyways, we had stake conference this week and we learned a lot from
our stake presidency. We learned about temples, repentance, and much
more. But one of the main things that stood out to me was a quote by
one of the stake presidency members President Tishner. He said, "The
home is where the gospel needs to be taught." I was fortunate to have
two amazing parents who love me and care for me and want the best for
me every minute of every day. I know all parents do that but my
opinion is a little biased ;) growing up, my parents would always
incorporate the church in our lives (even if sometimes we didn't want
it #MotherKnowsBest👸).I want to let you know that the gospel truly
does bless families. I've seen it on my life and the life of those
near and dear to me.The gospel is all about families and being able to
live with your family forever! Pretty cool huh? Anyways, stake
conference was cool. We also had the opportunity to sing in the
missionary choir! We started out the stake conference by marching down
the middle isle all the way to the stand while singing our theme song
Called to Serve. It was pretty cool but kinda weird cuz I don't
usually sing and walk at the same time haha. Plus, everyone was
staring at us the whole time. But who cares?u belted it out and we
rocked it. Fun experience.

This week we had a lot of success. We did a lot of finding and
contacting this week. We talked to bunches of people but to no avail.
It was a bummer but it's all good #OnToTheNextOne. One time we were
Tracting (knocking on doors) in Elba (a small town) and passing out
cards to Then this guy pulled up as we had just walked out
of his driveway. He didn't look to happy so as we were walking up the
next driveway to knock the next door, we heard this big "HEY! Don't
put (explicit word) in my door! Stay off my property you (more
explicit words)!" I swear I jumped when he said HEY! But I played it
off, waved, and kept walking haha. It's all good cuz I know the Lords
got my back.

Okay so now fora funny experience. I can't end my weekly email on a
bad note like that haha. This week we went to Lexis grandparents house
to teach a lesson. When we got there, we had just finished teaching
George all the way in Attica. So you all know me (I had to pee), I
asked to use the restroom and while I was washing my hands after using
it, I heard little feet running up and down the hall by the bathroom
door. "Grandma, Grandma! Who's in the bathroom?!" She said, "One of
the missionaries." To which Caleb responded, "the black one?" She
said, "Caleb! Don't say that. He's not black." "Yeah he is!" Then I
jumped out of the bathroom and scared him, "I'm not black!" He hid
behind the couch and as I walked towards the table to teach Lexi, he
scurried into the bathroom. It was pretty funny. It reminded me of
when us kids were little and we would ask Mom why dad was "black"
haha. Good times good times.

Well, I miss you all! I love hearing from you! Thanks for all the
emails, the prayers, and the support. You guys are the best. Have a
great week and keep up the good work. Love you all!

Elder Peters

P.s. You guys should go to church this week! I'm sure the Peters
family would love to have some people to sit by them ;)

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