Monday, March 14, 2016

Easter is right around the corner!!! There is a sweet video that us
missionaries are showing to people. Take some time and check it out
real quick.
It's a great video that talks about the importance of this time of the
year. It's really great. Check it out!

Hey Guys!

How are ya? I hope everyone is well. Miss you guys

The work here is going great! We are working hard and more and more
people are coming out of hibernation and walking the streets!
Therefore, we have more time to track them down and talk to them. Okay
that sounds creepy like we are stalking people. Some people are really
scared of us and will like cross the street or walk 20 feet off of the
sidewalk to avoid talking to us haha. One day we should like start
running towards them and see what they do haha. I'm pretty sure people
here dress up as the missionaries for Halloween cuz we must be in
their nightmares.

This week we had President Francis come to our branch and speak with
us and the rest of the branch on how we can be better
member-missionaries. There is a new motivation to share the gospel in
this branch so I am excited to see what comes of this. President
Francis is awesome. In his Sacrament talk, he had planned something to
speak on but the Branch President got up and announced to the whole
branch that they are stopping the treatments for his wife (she is
battling cancer for like the 4th or 5th time). She wanted him to
announce that. Anyways, President Francis got up and spoke on enduring
to the end rather than what he had planned because the Spirit told him
to talk about that. He spoke to them, the Merrills (an elderly couple
in the mission who just had a granddaughter pass away back home), and
a few others in particular at the beginning. But what he said during
his talk was really profound. He talked about he is ending his mission
coming up soon and that what he has learned can apply in life to a lot
of different situations. He said that the gospel teaches us to endure
to the end. "Instead of enduring to the end, let us enjoy to the end."
It's so true. In life, we can't hide from the trials and tribulations
that come our way. We won't grow if we do that. We should embrace our
trials and know that they are from God not for the punishment of man
but for the betterment. They're here to help us grow not to break us

Anyways, that's it for this week! Hope all is well! Love you all! Have
a great week!

Elder Preston Peters

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