Monday, February 1, 2016

Hey Yous Guys! (That's how New Yorkers say "you")

How's it going? I hope all is well. Things are going great here in New York.

The weather is actually nice right now! It feels like Seattle out
there. Real rainy but the air smells nice. My companion and all the
other missionaries that have been out for a while are telling me that
I have been lucky. The winter has been super mild so far. Wait. Super
mild? Then I don't want to know what an actual winter is like. It was
stinking cold!

This week we did a lot of service. We painted a bunch at Community
Action and moved someone out of their apartment and helped a guy move
a bunch of furniture to his new house, and pushed a super old Chevy
Impala (hasn't been on the road for 30 years). Oh! And after the
baptism on Saturday, we cleaned the whole building by ourselves. Well,
al,oat all by ourselves, there was a guy that came late at night when
we were wrapping up and vacuumed for about 30 minutes. But other than
that, we cleaned the whole building. And boy did it need it. We gutted
the primary room and organized all of the posters that had been
scattered all over and washed the chalkboards and vacuumed and cleaned
the nursery and washed the Windows, and you name it, we did it. It
felt super good after we finished cleaning. Everyone came to church
yesterday and were wondering who the pixies were that came and cleaned
up after them. We got yo back.

Guess what guys! George got the Aaronic Priesthood this week! Oh man
it was so exciting. Elder Rushton and I got to be in the circle when
he got it. I am so happy for him and I am so happy that I was able to
be part of helping him achieve that. It is truly a blessing to be out
on a mission. I love the Lord and I love His work. Oh and this girl we
are teaching named Brianna has made a soft commitment to be baptized
on March 5th! We will see how that goes. I am so excited.

Ryan Peters got baptized this week! I just want to give him a shoutout
and let him know that I love and miss him. Good job Ry! You're the

Oh and one last story about this week. We were at a less act be
members house and he and his wife (she isn't a member) were feeding us
roast and she was going on and on about how she got a half cow and how
it fills her freezer. Her husband was being kinda quiet. He let her
finish her story about the cow and when it got quiet, he pipes in, "So
Elders. What kind of meat is this?" And confused chew use of the story
I had just hear, I told him it was beef. Jill (his wife) looked at him
and said, "Ray this better not be Bambi". He started nodding his head
and said yep. It's venison. She stopped eating right there and was
super mad at him haha. She doesn't like when people kill deer and
especially when they eat it and here she was having eaten a good
amount of it haha. Hey. I wasn't complaining. I loved it haha. She was
so mad though. It was funny.

Well, that's it for this week! Thank you all for your prayers. You're
love and support is what keeps me going! You guys are the best. Have a
great week. Love you all!

Elder Peters

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