Monday, January 25, 2016

Hey you guys! How goes it?

Things are going well here. There is a lot of snow on the sidewalks
and on the roads. But that's how it's gonna be for a couple more
months! I've gotten a couple emails from some people asking if I'm
okay because they saw a bunch of bad weather on the weather in New
York. We are fine! That's New York City that is struggling with all
that haha. New York City isn't in our mission haha. Anyways, we walked
around a lot at the beginning of the week Tracting and street
contacting. But when we realized that it was too cold and no one was
out walking around like we were, we decided to drive places rather
than trudge through the snow all day. Driving was fun. I am still
getting used to driving in the snow haha. My companion is from Utah
and sometimes gets a little antsy when I take a turn too fast or
something. But hey. I'm learning :)

The work here is going well. We taught a couple investigators this
week and a lot of less active members. The lessons all went well. The
people we teach are coming closer to Christ and it's a wonderful thing
to see. I love being a missionary and devoting all of my time and
efforts to help other people. It's such a blessing.

Transfers are coming up and Elder Rushton and I are weirded out about
how fast time flies when your on a mission. These 2 years really will
be quick! But in my district it's me and my companion and the zone
leaders (Elders Scott and Gibby). Elder Scott is going home in like 12
days and Elder Rushton is probably getting transferred. It's crazy to
think that Elder Gibby and I (the newest guys in the area) are gonna
be taking over this area soon. We will know the area better than our
new comps will. It's weird to think about. I'm excited and nervous all
at the same time. But I know the Lord will provide and He will guide

This week I've been thinking a lot about faith. Faith is awesome.
Faith is an action word. You can't have faith without acting upon your
beliefs. In my personal study this week, I studied out of the Book of
Mormon in the Book of Alma. In Alma chapters 14 and 15 there are two
guys named Alma and Amulek. They go around teaching the people about
Christ and about the redemption which he would make for his people.
When they taught, some believed and most did not. Anyone who believed
was persecuted, hurt, and even killed! Alma and Amulek were put in
prison, mocked, spit upon, and much more. The whole time they were
being treated poorly, they believed in God. They believed that he had
a plan for them. One day when the wicked people came to mock them and
hurt them again, Alma was prompted to stand and they had the power to
break the chords with which they were bound and the wicked people ran
away because they were scared. The prison crumbled to the earth  and
smashed all of them. All of them except for Alma and Amulek. Alma and
Amulek were protected because they believed in God and knew that He
would deliver them. How many times in our lives do we struggle to see
beyond the wicked and understand that God has a plan for us? It's hard
to do. But I know that as we try to keep an eternal perspective and
trust in God and lean not unto our own understandings (Proverbs
3:5-6), we will be blessed. Faith is so vital in our lives. Blessings
come AFTER the trial of your faith. Remember that.

Anyways, that's it for this week! Thank you for all your prayers and
love and support! I wouldn't be able to be out here if it wasn't for
you guys and my Savior! You guys are the best! Thanks again! Until
next week.

Tofa Soifua!

Elder Peters

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