Monday, December 21, 2015

Hey you guys!

This week was pretty sweet. We had a lot happen and we were super
busy. I already had an email typed out but it froze or something and
it got deleted :( So, Im going to type out my email again to the best
of my recollection.

So, this week we did a lot of tracting and street contacting which is
hardly ever successful. People in New York are just kinda hard to talk
to especially in the winter when its cold out. They get all grumpy and
dont wanna talk to you. Which is kinda understandable because if i was
home, I dont think i would wanna talk to two younguns that approach my
door in big black coats. They must think we are salesmen. But we are
salesmen! WE ARE SELLING ETERNAL LIFE PEOPLE!!! Sheesh. I know. I
gotta keep my cool. I gotta be nice. And its nice to talk to people
that actually want to talk to us or are courteous enough to talk to us
about their religion or act like they care. It is way more fun talking
to them and have them tell us respectfully that they arent very
interested than someone who says, "Not interested" and slams the door.
But hey. I just gotta smile and go find someone else to talk to. Its
all good. I love the people here.

This Saturday, there was a baptism! Her name was Yasmeen. She is super
nice and has two little boys who are 6 and 2. The 2 year old is named
Oscar and he is so cool haha. No one was watching him after the
baptism and they found him over by the cookies having eaten a whole
row of oreos i swear haha. The baptismal service was pretty sweet.
President Francis and the Assistants came down because Elder Detlor
had been teaching her and just recently got transferred. The Spirit
was super strong. Everyone was crying. And I got to say the closing
prayer. We almost had more missionaries there than members haha. I
think we did actually.

This Sunday, I got to be part of the circle when Elder Rushton gave
the Aaronic Priesthood to a new deacon! It was way cool.

So this week I have been decorating our apartment with Christmas
lights and such. Our room has Christmas lights all around the ceiling
and it looks pretty cool at night. But the coolest thing i think is
our Christmas tree. We got our presents from family (thanks Mom and
Fam) and needed a tree to put them under so we went and tried to find
a tree at like Walmart and a couple other places. But, we didnt really
want to spend money so we went and found a pine tree and broke off a
couple branches for our tree. We threw our presents underneath and put
up some lights and it was pretty sweet. It made me think of one of my
old pickup lines: Girl you must be an interior decorator because when
you walked in the room, the room became beautiful ;) Okay well, our
apartment isnt that beautiful, but you gotta admit its pretty good for
a couple guys haha.

Oh and also, we made cookies and went caroling to our investigators.
It was pretty cool. I taught the other elders how to sing We Wish You
A Merry Christmas in Samoan but we didnt really get to sing to anyone
because by the time they had it down, it was the last house and the
person didnt answer :( oh well we will get another opportunity to sing
it this week. (Yes Mom. I said I made cookies. #MissionsChangeYou)

I miss and love you all. With it being a special time of year, I just
wanted to bear my testimony on the Savior. He is the light and the
life of the world. If you go to Him, He will guide and protect you. No
matter your past, present, or future life. He is there for you and
will always be there for you. He is always there for you. All you have
to do is reach out to Him and grab His hand that is already stretched
out toward you. He will lead the way.

I love you guys. Thanks for the love and support. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Elder Peters

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