Monday, December 7, 2015

Hey y'all!

I lived in Missouri for 7 years so yes I can say "y'all". I miss you
so much! I hope you are all doing well. This week was totally rad. We
did a lot and taught some more lessons and did a lot of service. I
loved it.

We served this Lady in our branch this week by helping her hang up
lights on her house. Probably wasn't the safest service project I've
done before but it all worked out and I'm here emailing now so I guess
I made it. We got there and we took her neighbors 30 foot ladder
(that's how long it was when it was collapsed) and it fell on me and I
caught it (#buffstuff). But the tricky part was there were so many low
hanging telephone wires and we couldn't touch the wires because the
ladder was metal so we eventually found a safe place to lean the
ladder up against the house. But then she told us we had to take a
smaller ladder onto the roof of her porch so we could hang the lights
the way she wanted them so we did it. But the roof was slanted and the
ladder was kinda shaky but all is well because we got the job done and
the house looks extra pretty now.

This week we went to the big parade downtown called Christmas in the
City with Marge one of our investigators. We ate chili, cookies, and
drank hot cocoa, watched the big Christmas parade, went to tour a
house full of all these differently decorated Christmas trees. Despite
being cold, we had a fantastic time. We loved it. And we ran into so
many people we knew. Marge kept saying, "Ive been here all my life and
you've been here 3 weeks and you already know more people than me!" I
just shrugged every time she said that cuz I didn't know what to say

This coming week is so exciting because not only is it Christmas time,
but we get to go to Palmyra twice this week! Once Thursday and then
once Friday. Thursday we have a meeting for new missionaries to check
up on them and how we are doing. And then Friday we are taking one of
our investigators to all the sights! It's gonna be so cool. We are
going to see the Hill Cummorah, the Grandon Building (where the Book
of Mormon was first printed), and then we will go to the Smith Family
Farm and the Sacred Grove. I'm so excited for Marge to go there it's
gonna be so sick.

Both Joellen and Marge were sick this Sunday and couldn't come to
church which is a bummer but at the same time, I have to remember that
it's not in my time but in the Lords time. All I can do is trust in
Him and He will direct me in where to go, what to do, and what to say.

We got to share the Christmas video with people this week. We might
kinda look like drug dealers on the corner of the street wearing big
black coats. But if Salvation is a drug, then we are sellin that all
day everyday. So, some people aren't very open to talk into us but
that's okay. All I can do is my part. If any of you haven't seen it
yet, go check it out!

Welp, that's all I've got for this week, I miss all of you and love
you even more! Have a great week! Happy Holidays!

Much Love,
   Elder Peters

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