Monday, December 7, 2015

This week was pretty good! Thanksgiving was great! We got fed real
well. (So no need to worry mom haha) we had a lot more success this
week compared to last week! Lots of tracking and street contacting but
we are finally beginning to get more lessons scheduled! It's exciting
the work is hastening!

Most of our investigators are older Ladies. I guess I just attract the
older ladies haha. One is named Marge and another is named Joellen.
They are both very sweet. I think they get lonely a lot and wnjoy our
company when we go over to talk to them. I love teaching them because
they are so nice and we can just talk about whatever and always relate
it to the gospel. Both Marge and Joellen are widows and I am so
excited to teach them about the Plan of Salvation and eternal
families. Ah can't wait.

It's that time of year! Christmas lights are lighting the streets and
bringing the holiday cheer! Wow that sounds like it could be lyrics
from a Christmas song. Anyways, yeah! The Christmas lights are getting
pretty populous here. It gets dark real early so we get to see the
lights a lot. And we are getting to set them up too! For the people in
our branch who aren't the most physically apt to do it. So Wednesday
I'm excited because Sister Long needs help to set up her Christmas
lights and she told us that it has to be perfect or she will get upset
haha. She has won awards in the past for the best Christmas light
display. I'm excited to see her house when it gets dark! It'll be a
fun experience and service all at the same time.

It's good to hear about all of your lives. I miss being home and being
part of your everyday lives but this too shall pass and "i'll be home
for Christmas" (not this one or the next but two years from now!) I'm
just so excited! It's the Christmas Spirit! I heard Mariah Carey's All
I Want For Christmas Is You the last Monday in Walmart and I've just
been humming Christmas songs ever since. I love it.

Anyways I love you all and am so happy to hear that you are doing
well! Talk to ya next week!

Elder Peters

HARRAH for Israel!

P.s. Even Santa needs to hear the gospel. 🎅

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