Monday, April 25, 2016

IIIII'm Stayin' alive, Stayin' alive!!!!!

What's up everyone?!?

How are you guys doing? I hope all is well. Hope you all had a great week.

My week was good. But I was sick as many of you know haha. I went to
the hospital for a little bit on Monday. That was fun. All the doctors
kept thinking that Elder and Sister Workman (the mission nurse) were
my parents haha. It was a fun experience. Didn't think I would've had
to go to the hospital on my mission...

So, this week, to prevent my health from getting worse, I was advised
(more like commanded) to stay in our apartment until I got better.
Which ended up working out! And despite how much I wanted to get out
and get to work, I was able to get my health in order before I went
out and worked. It has been such a great miracle to see how fast I
have healed! I have never healed this fast. Never! Thank you so much
for the prayers and the concern. You all are the best.

On Thursday night, I was set free! I felt like I could fly and I
wanted to talk to everyone. So that's what we did! We went around the
streets of Batavia talking to everyone even though it was getting
pretty dark. I was so ready to do some missionary work you have no
idea. We were walking down Main Street and I saw this guy. He looked
kinda scary and stuff and was blastin some music on his phone. I felt
like I needed to talk to him but didn't because as we passed him, we
said hi and he kinda nodded and three bicycles came flying by in
between us. He kinda looked down and kept walking. Feeling mad at
myself for not talking to him more, we kept walking. It was getting
late and it would've been easy to jump in the truck and go home
because 1-I was getting kinda tired from walking around (cuz I had
been cooped up in the apartment all week) and 2-it was getting close
to our missionary bed time (yes we have bed time haha). But, I felt
like we should walk down another block. So, we did. We didn't see
anyone, but doing that gave us just the right timing that on the way
back to the truck, we ran into the guy again! He asked us where Topps
(a local grocery store) is. I pointed him in the direction, but then I
said, "actually, we will walk with you" so we did. We walked and
talked about the Book of Mormon. He was very nice and said he would
definitely give it a read! We got his number and have been trying to
keep in touch with him. But just think if we would've gone home after
the first attempt. We would've never gotten a chance to talk to him
and he might never have had the opportunity to check out the Book of
Mormon!!! That was a sweet experience.

Anyways, that's it for this week! I love you all and thank you so much
for the prayers and the support. This week, as Phil Collins would say,
"you'll be in my heart."

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Peters

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